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RS485 Smart Solar Junction Box Accessories IP65 SPD For Photovoltaic Power

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Good quality Rack Mount Online UPS for sales
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RS485 Smart Solar Junction Box Accessories IP65 SPD For Photovoltaic Power

China RS485 Smart Solar Junction Box Accessories IP65 SPD For Photovoltaic Power supplier

Large Image :  RS485 Smart Solar Junction Box Accessories IP65 SPD For Photovoltaic Power

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China (Nearby shanghai, 40 minutes from Shanghai by train,5 minutes f
Brand Name: Longmax
Certification: CE|TUV|CQC
Model Number: CE TUV CQC
Feature: SPD
IP: IP65
Product name: Junction Box Accessories
Protective class: I
rated voltage: DC 1000V
Total rated Input Current: 160A
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Detailed Product Description

RS485 Smart Solar Junction Box Accessories IP65 SPD For Photovoltaic Power


Longmax   RS485 wireless suite  installed in   intelligent PV combiner boxes, Longmax   intelligent DC cabinets, inverters and back-end servers of a power plant,  solar combiner boxes component and attachments


Quick Detail:


DCDC Converter, data collecting card module, enclosure

PV fuse, fuse holder, cable, breaker, Cooper bus bar

DC Cabinet intelligent monitoring device, wireless suite, environmental monitoring  String monitoring box ,Solar-log professional monitoring and control system, blocking diode, power quality analyzer




Longmax  RS485 wireless suite

Longmax   RS485 wireless suite can be installed in Longmax   intelligent PV combiner boxes, Longmax  intelligent DC cabinets, inverters and back-end servers of a power plant.


Communications of power plant equipment is no longer an issue as it can be connected easily and conveniently via Longmax   RS485 wireless suite.


In many cases, Longmax   RS485 wireless suite provides a useful alternative for photovoltaic power plants.


Key features:


1,Half-duplex communication, suitable for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication.


2,Able to support concurrent multi-channels with a variety of communication speeds.


3,Operates within line of sight, antenna height > 2 m, antenna gain 3 dbi, reliable transmission separation > 4000 m (BER = 10-5/9600 BPS).


4,Designed to be highly reliable, easy to install, light weight and small size.

Model List




Max Input Voltage (Vd.c.)


Total rated Input Current (A)


Rated Input Current per string (A)


Number of input strings


Max. Input Current (A)




Protective class


Degree protection of enclosure (IP)


Overvoltage Category (OVC)


Pollution degree (PD)

PD 3

Temperature range (°C)

-25 to + 55

Weight (kg)


Size (mm)



OAdd/delete table rows by means of [Ctrl-Insert] or [Ctrl-Delete] when the cursor is inside the table.bject / part No.

Manufac­turer / trademark

Type/ model

Technical data


Mark(s) of conformity

Critical Components

Material: e.g. external enclosure, PCB, closed-end connector, sleeves, cord anchorage etc

Components with winding: e.g. motor, transformer, magnetic coil etc.

Other components: e.g. switch, thermostat, heater, plug, internal wire, capacitor, relay, varistor etc.

Enclosure box



900*500*155mm, thickness: 1.5mm,IP65




EXM 6412

700*600*200mm, thickness: 2mm,





700*600*200mm, thickness: 2mm,



Cable waterproof

Shengyang Dianzi





EN 60947-:2007














Fuse holder



1000V, 30A

EN 60269-2



WSI 25/1 1KV

1000V, 30A





1000V, 30A






15A, 1000Vdc

UL 2579

UL (E335324)



15A, 1000Vdc








Internal cord

Suzhou Baoxing Electric Wire  &Cable Co., Ltd.


10mm2, 1800Vdc,  60A, 120°C



Shanghai Jingchang electrical technology Co., Ltd.


10mm2, 1800Vdc,  60A, 120°C



Shanghai Jinyou Jinghong Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.

PV1-F 1X10mm2

10mm2, 1800Vdc,  60A, 120°C

2 PfG 1169/08.07

TUV (R50163227)

Surge protective devices (SPD)



Itotal 40kA

UL 1449

UL (E319777)


VPU II 3 R PV 1000V DC


Itotal 40kA








Circuit-breaker QF01

Beijing People

GM5-250P 200A Y1D/Y2B

In=200A, Ue=DC 1000V, Uimp=8kV,         series connection

GB 14048.2
IEC60947-2 UL489B


Changshu switchgear mfg. Co., Ltd.

CM3DC-250/4P In=200A Y1

In=200A, Ue=DC 1000V, Uimp=8kV,         series connection





In=200A, Ue=DC 1000V, Uimp=8kV,         series connection

GB 14048
IEC/EN 60947-2



Shanghai Xinchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

SM1-225PV/4 DC1000V Y1

In=200A, Ue=DC 1000V, Uimp=8kV,         series connection



Terminal for earthing




UL 486A-486B





UL 486A-486B







Protective bonding wire

Jiangnan Wire



EN 50178
EN 61439-1


Note(s): An asterisk indicates a mark that assures the agreed level of surveillance.


 According to the function, it will have a standard combiner box (SAB) and an intelligent combiner box (SCB).

According to different install environment, will have polycarbonate (PC) and steel box can be selected.

We choose raw materials strictly on quality first. All components comply with DIN and VDE standards.  They are high quality standardized components, and all adhere to the highest quality standards.


Key features:


1,CE, TUV, CQC certifications.


2,Meet outdoor installation requirements, IP65.


3,All components meet rated voltage DC1000 V system.


4,PV DC 1000V fuse and DC 1000V breaker.


5,Class(II) PV DC1000V SPD.


6,Monitor current of each string, total voltage, circuit breaker status, SPD status.


7,local display and read the data on background, can accurately identify the fault, location (only applicable to SCB-II)

PV DC power distribution box


Photovoltaic DC distribution cabinet is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants, used to connect photovoltaic inverters to the combination boxes, and can be used with common inverters.


Key features:


1,  With multifunctional monitoring instruments, it measures information such as current, voltage and power. Through the RS 485 communication interface, it is able to collect


information such as circuit breaker status and SPD status, as well as manage the DC distribution cabinets.


2,  Designed with lightning protection and an over-current protection function.


3,  Built with a reliable, durable and enclosed structure internal copper bar connection, it is convenient for the field wiring and easily maintained.


4, High-performance components from internationally recognized brands ensures the system's long-term viability.


5,Able to be customized according to customers’ specific requirements.



PV monitoring device SCBM series products



The PV monitoring device SCBM series is specially designed for use with Longmax    intelligent PV combiner box (SCB) and Longmax string monitoring box (SMB).  It is used to


monitor the running state of panel’s strings, measure the current of strings, voltage, sampling status of the SPD, status of the DC circuit breaker. Use relayoutput to drive


the external actuators. The device cannot only display therunning status of the equipment, but also connects the industrial equipment,computer and Solar-log to be a totally Monitoring system by the RS485 interface.


Key features:


1,Current measurement ability ranging from 8 to 16 to 32 strings.


2,Vertical installation, is thinner and saves more internal space in the combiner box.


3,Short thread type connection mode allows for easy installation and improved efficiency and reliability of the combiner box.


4,Easy -to-use interfaces allowing the Communication address, rate and parity bit.


5,All-circuit with high-voltage isolation design, safe and reliable.

PV blocking diode


It is a device mainly used between photovoltaic strings to SCB, to prevent Current flow around caused by voltage differences and reduce the lowering of voltage of the system after strings parallel connection in SCB. It can reduce safety loopholes and improve the generating capacity during the construction and after long running times of photovoltaic power plants.


Key features:


1, Rating voltage: 2000V.


2, Usings a high-quality chip with good temperature characteristics and current overload capacities.


3,Designed with the ability to self-cool, there is no need for additional equipment.


4,Created to be a small size and light weight.


5,High protection grade allows for easy use in all weather situations outdoors.


6,Easy install,can be directly connectedbetween series PV cables. It is suitable for a new-construction or remodeled PV power plant.


7,Maximum forward current 20A and maximum reverse voltage 2200V.



Solar-Log professional monitoring and control system


Longmax SMB & Solar-Log 1000 – Monitors large-capacity photovoltaic power stations:


Many large-capacity power stations are not entirely monitored. Longmax   series monitoring box provides the appropriate tools to detect the status of strings and provide alarm


information. Longmax   SMB combining with Solar - Log ™ provides the best solution for upgrading to string monitoring. When the existing combiner box only connects strings


without monitoring them, Longmax   SMB is highly useful.


With Longmax   RS485 wireless set plant upgrades and string monitoring becomes more feasible.


Longmax   SMB consists of two parts:


1,Monitoring device (detection module - 16-way string measurement and communication module - RS485 interface).


2,Power module (direct from the strings, wide voltage input: DC200~1200V).


DC cabinet intelligent monitoring device PVBM series products


DC cabinet intelligent monitoring device PVBM series is specially designed for intelligent photovoltaic DC cabinets. They monitor current, DC voltage, status of circuit breakers


and SPD. The device can display data measured and collected through a local color touch screen, and have  RS485 communication interface also.


Key features:


1, LCD screen constructed of industrial-grade high-temperature variation material.


2,Uses a high-resolution color touchscreen, comprehensive display running status of systems and fault alarms.


3,External sensors use an open type current measurement method offering convenient maintenance and replacement.


4,Strong anti-interference ability, easy to install and highly durable.


5,Panel embedded installation



AC/DC Integrative Cabinet


Mainly used for commercial or small household solar systems, photovoltaic (PV) strings can be connecting to equipment DC input terminal, the equipment DC output connect to the inverter input terminal, connecting inverter AC output to the equipment AC input terminal, the equipment AC output connect to the AC user. The product is compact, safe, reliable, stable, durable and fashionable.


Key features:


1,Up to IP65 protection class, dust-proof, waterproof and all-weather features.


2,Designed with SPD and an anti-leakage protection system to maximize user safety.


3,Controls the over-current protection function, protects the grid inverter and ensures security of the power system.


4, Automatic shut-off function - in case of an emergency, it can quickly cut off the DC and AC power.


5,Fuse protection on DC and AC sides to better protect components and the safety of the electrical equipment.


6,DC side 2 -way DC10A, DC1000V input, AC side 16A, AC500V output.



Power quailty analyzer


Predominantly used in electrical power automation system Remote Terminal Unit

 (RTU’s), it is applicable tobelow 0.4 KV systeminput cable, bus coupler,output cable and inverter output power monitoring.  It can also be used as a power distribution system


of the multi-functional power analysis instrument. Main application fields include: medium and low voltage power distribution systems, intelligent switch plate arks, factory


automation systems, industrial machinery, equipment, energy management systems, intelligent buildings and photovoltaic inverter output power quality analysis.


Key features:


1,Adopts advanced valid values measurement methods and digital signal processing technology.


2,Applicable to non-linear load system power quality, such as harsh environment or systems with high-quality requirements of electrical power.


3,Perfect energy metering function, also suitable for electrical energy management or cost control.


4,Uses large screen blue backlit LCD display with clear image.


5,Installation is reliable and fast.


Solar-Log on-grid management system

Applicable to any power plant scale, 1 or 100 plants, private use or industrial use.


Provides maximum security and return on investment for solar photovoltaic power plants.


Key features:


1,Brings the benefits for owners and investors of power plants.


2,Promotes operational efficiency and maximizes the return on investment.


3,Minimizes risk of financial loss.


4,Reliable data record that is easy to maintain and highly beneficial for insurance claims.


5,Easy to use image display.


6,Compatible with all inverters.


7,the most flexible connectivity," plug and play".


8,Can centralize monitoring and manage multiple power plants and customers.


The environmental monitoring instrument


The environmental monitoring instrument includes radiation sensors, temperature sensors and a wind sensor.


Key features:


1,the environmental monitoring instrument records variances between the possible and the actual power production levels and delivers key indicators relating to the quality of the system as a whole.


2,The Solar-Log™ continuously compares the yield data from the solar plant with the measurement results from the various sensors. If a variance exists, the Solar-Log™ generates



  PV Fuse holders
SPD Surge protection Device


DCDC Converter,data collecting card module,enclosure

PV fuse,fuse holder,cable,breaker,Cooper busbar

DC Cabinet intelligent monitoring device,wireless suite,environmental monitoring  String monitoring box ,Solar-log professional monitoring and control system,blocking diode,power quality analyzer




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